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A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup 2


Bok om SFX sminke for både nybegynnere og folk med litt mer erfaring. Både sårsminke, zombiesminke, vampyrer og karaktersminke.

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Bok om SFX sminke som innholder hundrevis av bilder og steg for steg instruksjoner. Boken passer både for folk med erfaring eller for folk som bare skal sminke seg til halloween. Boken omhandler temaer som zombiesminke, vampyrsminke, sårsminke, skadesminke og fantasisminke.

Info om boken på Engelsk:

A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup

By Frederic Genet / Tokyo SFX Makeup Workshop

This book contains step-by-step instructions, with hundreds of photos, from makeup artist professionals who have worked on films such as Alien vs. Predator and Land of the Dead. Whether you are a beginner preparing for a Halloween party, or interested in more complex techniques, this is THE definitive guide.

Volume 2 incorporates everything from basic facial makeup styles, and simple scars and gashes, to masks, molds and cast-making: everything you need to know to create vampires, zombies and other fantastical characters.

Previously only available as a limited Japanese import, this definitive guide (written in English) is the acclaimed follow-up to one of the most widely heralded special effects makeup tutorial books ever published.

The 7 talented artists who have contributed to this book are Akihito, Tomonobu Iwakura, Keizo, Yuga Takahashi, Akiteru Nakada, Manabu Namikawa, and Tomu (Hyakutake). Between them they have worked on scores of TV series and movies, including Japanese productions like Casshern and Ultraman Max, and Hollywood movies including Alien vs Predator and Land of the Dead.
  • Format: Pocket
  • Utgivelsesår; 2018
  • Forlag: Titan Books Ltd
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • ISBN 9781783297894
  • Sider: 208
A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup 2
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